Today is officially my first day as a full-time freelance translator. It’s a frightening step, but also an exciting one. After more than 5 years working as an in-house translator and project manager, it was time for a change.

This wasn’t an easy decision. I spent years working with people I respect and admire. Many inspired me to take this leap. For someone used to working so closely with others, I’ll need some time to adjust to this new isolation (luckily, I have three furry companions to help with that).

To speak openly, which I think is important because I’m a human being and we should normalise talking about these things, 2020 was a difficult year for me. Not exactly because of the pandemic, but personally. I was frustrated and disappointed. My self-esteem was down in the dumps. I was burnt-out. It took some difficult decisions, like going full-time freelance, to finally feel good about myself.

Right now, I couldn’t be more at peace, knowing I’m working for myself, taking in the projects I want to, collaborating with clients who respect me and value my work. Since I made the decision to become a full-time freelance translator, I’ve felt lighter and happier, so I know this was the right path, no matter what the future holds.

My first day will be spent working on a new project. I’m trying to be goal-oriented instead of schedule-oriented. I bought an agenda to keep track of everything (it was made by Animais de Rua, an animal-protecting Portuguese association). I’ll try to drink plenty of water, sit appropriately on my chair, and not skip meals. A lot of us are working from home at the time thanks to COVID-19, so it’s important to take care of ourselves.

I’d like to thank everyone who really believed in me, supported me, gave me advice and a shoulder to cry on when needed. I worked with amazing people and I’m sure our paths will cross again.

Let the journey begin!

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